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Hreinsa Körfu

Meduza in Iceland

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Meduza is one of the top-rated Italian production trios. It consists of Mattia Vitale, Luca de Gregorio, and Simone Giani. One of the best-known reasons for their fame is the breakthrough song composed in collaboration with the British production trio Goodboys.

In the United Kingdom, it reached number two on the singles chart after its release. It was also nominated for many top-rated awards for marvelous Dance recording.

Recently, the Meduza Italian production trio also shared fascinating live performances from Sólheimasandur Airplane Ruin in Iceland for Selected Gatherings.  

Top-rated productions

The trio's recent collaborative release, "Paradise, where they paired up with Dermot Kennedy, has garnered 30 million streams worldwide.  "Paradise" is currently out now via Republic Records.

Last year, Meduza broke onto the stage with the lead album, "Piece of Your Heart," which produced international diamond, multi-platinum, and gold status. The track debuted in the UK Singles Charts at number two position and was number one in the US Club Charts while winning a Grammy nomination.

Meduza unlocked the way to popularity after hitting gold with their Grammy-winning single "Piece of Your Heart," which eventually influenced their incredible popularity. This year, they started their run by wowing fans with Discopolis 2.0 soundtracks brimming their surreal production. They have worked closely with Selected Sessions to produce an excellent show in one of the most beautiful areas in Iceland.

This magnificent production is a fitting follow-up to their breakthrough in the scene, expected to boost audiences in the middle of these challenging times. Known for picking legendary places for performers to play at, Selected Sessions reached above and beyond by choosing Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck, an empire far beyond anything we've ever seen. Tucked far away from some form of civilization in the south of Iceland, Meduza brings fans on a bone-chilling trip through the black seas.

The show starts by raising the curtain for audiences to enjoy the beautiful scenery that contains the remnants of an aircraft crash dating back to the '70s. Located directly in the middle of this iconic setting, Meduza kicks off a stellar show with a remake of John Legend's single "Wild." For just over an hour, fans will be overwhelmed by Meduza's house-fueled melodies as they resonate through the depths of black sand and chilly peaks in this parallel universe packed with house elements, dark vibrations, and beautiful synths.

After appreciating this ethereal work, it is with reasonable cause to conclude that this output sends a hopeful message to audiences that hard times can be met with confidence and good spirit. Although producing tracks and launching final remixes is still at the top of Meduza's list, keeping loyal to their fans with a wonderfully curated show is just what the group wanted during this time of effort. We can't wait for what's happening next for these dynamic artists and what it will be like in the next few years!

What Meduza said about their performance in Iceland?

Meduza says, in answer to the Selected Sessions Iceland series,

Selected Session invited us to travel to Iceland in Sept 2020, during a break in the shutdown, to film a DJ set at Sunrise at one of the craziest places we could picture, the Sólheimasandur Plane Wreck. We instantly agreed.

We barely had any bed over the next four days when we made this possible with an excellent team of people!!

The reward was a breathtaking sunrise that occurred during our set. To suggest that we thought this was our heaven at that moment was a misconception.

This meeting took place in the rural south of Iceland, covered by hundreds of kilometers of black sand and glaciers. We were subjected to the natural conditions and nothing but each other, and the magnificent nature that engulfed us, hours from town.

We were segregated, we were cut off, and we were lonely. The venue for this session pays tribute to this year and the difficulties it has brought to us and, most notably, acts as a message to us all that optimism can still be restored wherever you are and how hopeless and lonely it can feel.

We hope you appreciate the DJ set as much as we did and the destination. Big thanks to Iceland Air and ZO ON, who made this possible alongside Picked, Covert, and JAMZ and our fantastic leadership team." Take a more in-depth look at Meduza's Iceland DJ set with Curated Sessions below, and don't hesitate to download their new single "Paradise."


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