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B2B Service

We at ZO•ON offer a wide range of services for companies and institutions. We help you find the right products for your staff or your customers.

Gift card as an employee gift

A gift card is a popular and fun gift that makes everyone happy.They come in quality envelopes and are therefore extremely suitable as an opportunity gift for your staff. The gift cards never expire and can be used in all our stores and online.



Clothing for staff 

ZO•ON offers a wide range of clothing for your staff. We offer outdoor clothing that is suitable for Icelandic weather, but also neat and comfortable clothing for the office. Contact us and together we will find clothing that suits you and your staff.

Special production

ZO•ON offers custom-made clothing for larger companies, institutions and non-profit organizations. This is how we adapt our products to your needs.


Employee and customer gifts

Do you need a gift for your staff or customers? Whether you are looking for a Christmas gift, a summer gift or other occasion gifts, we can find the right gift that hits the mark.


Markings on clothing

ZO•ON works closely with a partner that offers screen printing and ice stitching on our garments. Silk print is suitable for sports team clothing as well as general outdoor clothing. Many methods are available to customers and the labels last well.
Down coats, clothing made of fleece and other softer materials we recommend to be marked with an ice stitch. Ice stitch is a beautiful and durable option for marking clothing.

Contact ZO•ON's sales department below or drop us a line at or 


Send us a line and we'll send you an offer.


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